Designing Local - Nature Made, San Antonio Magazine February 08 2016

If you’ve ever watched Good Morning America and noticed anchor Robin Roberts wearing a bold necklace, you could very well have been admiring the design of Carroll Dorsey Walker. For more than 17 years, she has been handcrafting jewelry that has been worn by celebrities, adorned models on runways around the world and been sold in stores nationwide. Walker says her goal is to make an impact by combining large gemstones and semiprecious stones in one piece. “I don’t think dainty is in my category,” she says. “My style is big, bold and dramatic.”

While Alamo Heights jeweler Carroll Dorsey Walker admits subtle is not her forte, that doesn’t mean she relies solely on glitz. The longtime designer whose pieces have been seen on Today and New York runways, favors natural elements, like the bold turquoise stones in her “Duchess” necklace ($450) and large turquoise drop earrings ($145).