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Carroll Dorsey Walker

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Jewelry Designer, Carroll Dorsey Walker, knows that every woman needs that certain touch of glamour every now and then… that energy that captures every eye in the room when you enter wearing a Bejewel creation.

It’s Bejewel Jewelry Genius…




Blending an eye for color and an intuitive sense for what makes a woman look great, Carroll is quick to admit that fortune has blessed her with a quick study of design, enabling her to blend her artistic talents with elements of what is hot and trendy. This imaginative leap is the daily vision of Carroll Dorsey Walker, designer at Bejewel.

Bejewel features stunning custom creations using colored gemstones, turquoise, crystal, and pearls. Bejewel’s price points are reasonable for the everyday woman, and Bejewel is stylish enough to have made appearances on the red carpet at The Oscars,  The Emmys, and the Tonys. Featured in many fashion magazines and on celebrities necks, Bejewel can be seen regularly sported by CNN’s Nancy Grace, and “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts.


Bejewel’s focus is definitely on today’s looks and styles, but Carroll’s influence in classic films and historical materials give her inspiration reflecting an era when women spent a great deal of time to present themselves.

Working at the intersection of yesterday and today, studying and feeling for style, Carroll Dorsey Walker has fashioned Bejewel into a dynamic yet timeless line of jewels and accessories. “I get to do what I absolutely love, and it’s turned out to be a big success. ”With Showrooms in New York and Los Angeles, Carroll has her studio in San Antonio, where she lives with her husband and son.